We’re continuously improving the information and tools on this site. Below you can find the changelog and release notes of recent updates.

Januari 2017 update

  • Added a live preview to our editor
  • Added a warning for the use of title attributes on links
  • Empty alt-tags on images do not longer result in a warning.
  • Although our accessibility checker is optimized for email, some people use it to check their website.
    This will give you some usefull insights, but not a reliable overview. This is why we now show a warning in such cases.
  • Some small improvements and bug fixes

December 2016 update

  • Introduced some features to quickly fix accessibility problems (like language, encoding, title tag and role attributes on tables
  • Website is now based on WordPress

October 2016 update

Accessibility checker engine

  • Added support for HTML5 elements (like: HEADER, MAIN, NAV). They are now recognized as landmarks.
  • Improved error notifications for parsing problems with invalid HTML.
  • Title tags are now better evaulated
  • Added support for “aria-hidden” attribute

HTML Editor

  • HTML editor now supports code folding
  • HTML editor now supports code autocompletion


  • Improved design and responsive behavior of the site
  • Added this page to let you know what’s new or fixed.
  • While not intended, people use this email accessibility checker for websites too. I’ve made some important improvements too make that work a little better:
    • – Images with relative urls are now converted to absolute urls. They now show up in the ALT-text checker.
    • – Iframes, Script- and some form tags are now deleted from a HTML document. They could cause our checker to crash.