Email Accessibility Report

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sections errors Make content accessible and navigable by providing it in meaningfull sections with landmarks.


headings errors Make content accessible and navigable by providing hierarchically structured headings.


images errors Make images accessible (when appropriate) by providing a descriptive alternative text. Read the best practices.

 Document title

Help people identify your email in webbrowsers by providing a descriptive and meaningfull title.

 Document language:

Ensure correct pronunciation by defining the main language of your content.

 Layout tables:

layout tables data tables Let browsers know tables are used for layout instead of data presentation.

 Document encoding:

Ensure correct display of characters by defining the character set.

Text only

Preheader / Preview Text

Use the first 35 to 140 characters to give an engaging impression as an addition to the subjectline.

Email clients supporting this feature will at least display the first 35 characters (shownin black). In addition some email clients show more characters, up to 140 (in grey). Read more about preview text: The Ultimate Guide to Preview Text Support

SIRI Email Preview

Ensure an descriptive and engaging summary is available for Apple's SIRI to read out loud.

Read more about SIRI reading your email newsletter: This Is How You Make Your Emails Apple Siri-Proof.

Text only

Ensure the correct reading order of all content, even when your email is displayed as plain text.

HTML code


Small screensize

Ensure accessibility on all screensizes.

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